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  • Big data performance management

    • big data performance managementTaking a look at what is happening in other companies and different sectors is a good way to find ways to improve one's own operations thanks to the support of technology. Today, on the Internet you can find Big Data performance management examples that illustrate the success of logistics companies, the unprecedented differentiation achieved by companies in the health sector or ways to optimize financial performance.
      Leaving aside problems such as lack of strategy, poor security guarantees or insufficient capacity to exploit the value of data, having data, getting a good solution and knowing how to ask the right questions are the key to success, as the following Big Data examples show.

      Big Data examples of time to market reduction

      Accelerating some of the stages in the life cycle of a product reduces the time to market. In recent years, in many industries this has been the goal of many initiatives, some with happier endings than others. In the healthcare sector, drug manufacturers have been using clinical trial simulations to accelerate learning, reduce costs and limit inconvenience to patients participating in trials.

      big data performance managementProgress was being made but nothing comparable to what had been achieved through the data. This is one of those Big Data examples that manage to reassure any sceptic about the true potential of information since, ensuring the improvement of patients is possible, if the following elements are combined:

      -Large volumes of data.
      -The cloud.
      -A powerful information exchange platform. For this, we can count on InfoSphere -Information Server, an IBM platform. You can learn more about this tool here.
      -A solid plan.

      big data performance managementWhen clinical trial simulations are streamlined, the quality of life of those suffering from any type of disease is improved, as is the case at Seattle Children's Hospital, while the same drug manufacturers also see growth in their bottom line. And not only that, a robust analysis tool and expert staff in charge of data management can achieve it as well:

      -Optimize dosage levels.
      -Reduce the duration of trials as well as the number of participants required.
      -Increase the safety margins of the drugs.
      -Introduce improvements in their composition by requiring a significantly smaller volume of biological samples.

      It goes without saying that, especially in this area, data protection must be considered a priority and, for this reason, Bristol-Myers Squibb built an encrypted tunnel and set up a virtual private cloud for the test environments, which could thus be isolated more effectively.

      Optimizing work performance. 

      big data performance managementPeople are the secret weapon of many companies to defeat their competition. Professionals with experience, exceptional skills and the ability to seize every opportunity that comes along is something that not every business can
      enjoy  however, thanks to technology it is possible to get quite close to that ideal of a workforce that all companies have defined.

      How? The way to do it is thanks to data.This type of Big Data examples associated with Human Resources management show the different ways to optimize the performance of the different departments of a company:

      -Using talent analysis to select the candidates that are considered the best option for the company.
      -Using large volumes of data to reduce costs and effectively manage personnel-related issues, for example by reducing staff turnover.
      -Increasing the likelihood of future success with the help of social media analysis that enables understanding of staff concerns, views and motivations.
      -Study the market, competition and trends to determine the talent the company needs to move forward.

      What kind of companies carry out these practices? More and more. As discussed in The Wall Street Journal, from Xerox, which uses large volumes of data to reduce the attrition rate in its call centers, to Google, which uses the technology to streamline its recruiting processes.

      Big Data examples also in logistics

      big data performance managementBillions of products shipped each year by different companies. FedEx, UPs, DHL... each using hundreds of thousands of vehicles to cover all routes. With this volume, there are many ways to use Big Data examples to make the most of the data and improve operations, such as:

      -Performing predictive maintenance on the entire fleet.
      -Recalculating routes to save on fuel
      -Planning routes to avoid unnecessary driving

      Big Data examples are everywhere and allow us to find new ways to improve financial performance, such as those who collect weather data to improve supply and demand forecasting; Ways to avoid customer abandonment, by measuring their satisfaction in real time, like Tesla, or even by promoting the humanization of cities, the case of Chicago, which relies on the use of sensors to measure air quality, light intensity, noise level, heat, rainfall volume, wind speed and wave traffic from mobile devices to make the city a safer, more efficient and cleaner place to live, but also Barcelona, with its Smart Cities initiative.